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Welcome for more cleaning staff at Ninewells

7 October 2010

Marlyn Glen has welcomed news from NHS Tayside that there are now 17 more full-time equivalent cleaning staff in Ninewells hospital after a two year period when the numbers fell.

Ms. Glen received figures from the health board which show that there are now 219 ( 219.3 in precise numbers ) full-time equivalent cleaning staff at Ninewells compared with 202 ( 202.1) in both April 2008 and April 2009.

These last two figures showed a drop from 203 (203.6) in April 2007.

NHS Tayside said that the increase in the number of domestic staff recruited in 2010 reflected the increase in government funding for the “specific purpose of increasing the level of hours for cleaning services in patient areas.”

They told Ms. Glen that the figures refer to the front line basic grade domestic assistant posts that the board employs and does not include any management posts.

Welcoming the figures, Ms. Glen said,

” Cleaning staff are highly important members of any healthcare team.

“Increasing their number is an essential measure in improving levels of hospital hygiene.

” More cleaning staff on wards will reassure the public of the NHS’s commitment to maintain its progress in reducing the level of healthcare acquired infections.”


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