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Diabetes : Re-tabled Parliamentary Question reveals much higher hospital admission numbers in Dundee and Angus

23 June 2010

A re-tabled Parliamentary Question has established that the numbers in Dundee and Angus diagnosed with diabetes on admission to hospital is thousands more than the Scottish Government has previously admitted.
Marlyn Glen had previously been told by Public Health Minister Shona Robison that the numbers diagnosed with diabetes on admission in Dundee and Angus over the past 4 years ( 2005-09) had totalled 1,076.
However, this figure was only for those with a primary diagnosis of diabetes.
Ms. Glen described this as ” a lack of information” and re-tabled the question asking for the numbers with diabetes for any diagnosis on admission
The Public Health Minister then gave the figure as totalling 14,390.
And, in a departure from the answer given when the question had been initially tabled, information was disclosed on the extent of diabetes in areas of the city and areas of Angus communities.
These figures are available on Ms. Glen’s website at :
Ms. Glen said,
“These figures are by no means the complete picture of diabetes in the two council areas.
“However, as much information as possible from whatever credible source must be made public to heighten people’s awareness of the extent of diabetes in their city, their towns and their communities.
“Diabetes is and will be a significant public health concern in this decade and beyond.”
Ms. Glen added that there are over 2,400 people in NHS Tayside are estimated to have undiagnosed diabetes, according to the Scottish Public Health Observatory

According to the 2009 Scottish Diabetes survey, there are 16,283 people in NHS Tayside with the more common Type 2 diabetes and a further 1,771 with Type 1.

The overall Tayside figures accounts for 4.6 per cent of the population (the Scottish figure is 4,4 per cent)


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