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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Gender Pay Gap : “Still a Long Way to Closing it”

1 April 2010

Marlyn Glen has said that progress on reducing the gender pay gap in Scotland is being maintained but that there is still “a long distance to go in closing it.”

She was responding to answers to her Parliamentary Questions on the gender pay gap over the past two years in Scotland from Finance Secretary John Swinney

Ms. Glen said,
“The chief reasons for the gender pay gap are the concentration of women in low-paid work, the undervaluing of that work, and the penalty for women’s caring duties and raising a family.

” While some progress has been achieved in full time employment rates, the fact remains that women working part-time earn around 35 per cent less per hour than men who work full-time.”

The media hourly pay rate for women in Scotland in full time employment expressed as percentage of the rate for men rose from 88 per cent in 2007 to 92 per cent last year.

In the public sector , the female rate remained in the 95-96 per cent range of the rate for men over the same two year period.

In the private sector, the female rate remained at just below 80 per cent of the rate for men in the same period.

Another method of expressing the gender pay gap is to compare the median hourly rate of pay for men in full time employment with the corresponding rate for women in part-time employment.

This is because so many more women work part-time than men.

In Scotland last year 40 per cent of women worked part time compared with just 10 per cent of men.

The gender pay gap between the hourly rate of pay for men in full-time employment and women in part-time employment is 35 per cent in Scotland.

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