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Ninewells C difficile website plea turned down by Nicola Sturgeon

24 February 2010

Marlyn Glen ‘s plea to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon asking that the website of the Vale of Leven Hospital Inquiry give prominence to the extension of the inquiry to include the outbreak of C difficile at Ninewells last October that led to 5 deaths has been turned down.

Ms. Glen had asked Nicola Sturgeon to ensure that the website contained this information to assist those who believe that they have information that is relevant to the inquiry into the Ninewells outbreak . They would thus be made aware of how to contact the inquiry online.

However, Nicola Sturgeon said that it would be “inappropriate” for her to become involved.

Nicola Sturgeon told Ms. Glen,

“It is a matter for Lord MacLean , as Inquiry Chair, to decide on how he wishes to progress the Inquiry and the content of the Inquiry’s website is determined by the Inquiry.

” It would therefore be inappropriate for me to seek to direct the Inquiry in this matter.”

Ms. Glen said, “I am surprised that the Health Secretary feels unable to ask Lord MacLean to give the proceedings at Ninewells more prominence on the inquiry’s website.

” I cannot see how her act of setting up the inquiry’s terms of reference of the inquiry now prevents her from suggesting to its head that factual information regarding the Ninewells period of the inquiry is placed on its website.

” I have now written to Lord Maclean asking him to ensure that the website contains more information on the proceedings concerning Ninewells.”

Nicola Sturgeon told Ms. Glen, ” If you feel that the Inquiry website should also make reference to the Ninewells outbreak, you might wish to contact the Inquiry directly.”


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