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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Ninewells C difficile outbreak : FoI submitted

8 February 2010

Ninewells C difficile outbreak : FoI submitted

Marlyn Glen, the Dundee-based MSP, has confirmed that Labour has made a FOI request to NHS Tayside to make public the results of the health board’s own internal investigation into the recent C difficile outbreak.

This follows a reply from NHS Tayside responding to a plea from Ms. Glen who had asked for the internal report to be released.

The health board said that evidence related to the C difficile outbreak at Ward 31, Ninewells Hospital is being submitted to the Vale of Leven public inquiry. it added, ” This will ensure full disclosure of the relevant facts, and that it is our view that any information in the public interest will emerge in the inquiry process.”

Ms. Glen said, “NHS Tayside need to inform the families concerned, Ninewells staff and the wider public of their findings and analysis of the outbreak inquiry long before the public inquiry inspects the health board’s evidence.

“They all need to know what were the circumstances surrounding the fatal outbreak and what recommendations have now been implemented to improve infection control .

“The retention of public confidence requires making this information public now.

“This can be done without compromising individual confidentiality.”


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