Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

MSP pledges brain for Parkinson’s research

31 December 2009

Marlyn Glen is one of 168 Scots who have pledged to donate their brain for research into Parkinson’s, following a high profile appeal by the Parkinson’s Disease Society (PDS).
Overall, 2,332 new brain donors have come forward from across the UK .
There has been a strong response from people who don’t have Parkinson’s themselves – they outnumber people with Parkinson’s on the register by six to one.
However, there is still a need for additional donors.
The register is open to all, and the charity is particularly calling for younger people with Parkinson’s to sign up, as well as more men.
Across the UK, nearly twice as many women as men have joined.
Research using donated brain tissue has already led to major medical breakthroughs in the treatment and understanding of Parkinson’s.
This includes the development of Parkinson’s drugs which have revolutionised the way symptoms of the condition are controlled.

Marlyn Glen said:
“I decided to donate my brain after I heard about the register at a meeting of the Dundee Branch of the Parkinson’s Disease Society.
“I believe that research is a hugely important aspect of the search for a cure for Parkinson’s.
“I want to do everything I can to aid PDS in curing this condition.
“My mother lived with Parkinson’s for many years, so I understand the impact it has on every aspect of people’s lives.
“Parkinson’s eventually prevented my mother from pursuing the active life she had lived before, but I believe that her determination to continue with her normal way of life enabled her to fight the effects of Parkinson’s for so long.
“I am a strong supporter of the work that PDS does – not just in research but also in educating health professionals about the disease.
“I know from my own family’s experience the huge impact that having a access to a Parkinson’s Disease nurse specialist has on people living with Parkinson’s and their families.”


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