Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Housing Association Funding in Dundee falls by over £6 million in two years

21 November 2009

Funding in the form of Housing Association Grant to Housing Associations in Dundee fell overall in the last financial year (2008-09) by over £7 million in real terms compared with the previous year. (2007-08)

Official figures given to Marlyn Glen show that financial support from the Scottish Government to housing associations in Dundee was reduced from just over £15 million in 2007-08 to £8.4 million in 2008-09.

In Angus, the Scottish Government allocation to housing associations dropped in the same period from £7.4 million to £3.8 million.

Ms. Glen said,
“Housing associations have a second-to-none record for building new homes and refurbishing old ones.

” Major cuts such as these undoubtedly reduces their ability to do so, and these are occurring at a time when the construction sector needs such work.

” Recent redundancies in the building trade are testimony to that.

” More housing association homes would take some pressure off council waiting lists.”

For individual registered social landlords in the city the changes read :
Abertay Housing Association £1.8 million reduced to £0.64 million
Angus Housing Association £1 million reduced to £38,000
Bield Housing Association £98,000 reduced to £65,000
Cairn Housing Association £14,000 reduced to £3,000
Hillcrest Housing Association £5.3 million reduced to £3.3 million
Home in Scotland £3.6 million reduced to £2.6 million.
Margaret Blackwood Housing Association £2.1 million reduced to £0.9 million
Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association £27,000 increased to £30,000
Servite Housing Association £1.5 million reduced to £0.7 million


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