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MSP raises physiotherapy services with Health Minister with 1,300 on Dundee waiting list and Scottish Government figures showing 14 vacancies for physiotherapists in Tayside

Marlyn Glen

Marlyn Glen

20 June 2009

Marlyn Glen is to raise again with Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon the need for better access to access to physiotherapy services in Tayside.

NHS Tayside have confirmed to Ms. Glen that over 1,300 people in Dundee are on waiting lists for physiotherapy treatment, and 3,410 across the whole of Tayside.

Latest Scottish Government figures for Tayside show that there are 14 vacancies for physiotherapists

Ms Glen said,

” There is clearly a need for greater Government involvement to ensure  a match between demand for physiotherapy in the NHS and the supply of physiotherapists.”

She continued,

” In the 18 weeks Referral to Treatment Standard (RTT), if a patient is referred by a consultant to a physiotherapist then this treatment is covered by the 18-week guarantee.

“However, if a patient is referred by a GP directly to a physiotherapist and not by a consultant-led service, then the patient is not covered by the 18 week guarantee.”

” In the period up to 2011, there is a projected increase of almost 7 per cent in demand for physiotherapy services.

” The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in Scotland say that an added annual investment of £2 million is required to meet that increase in demand.”

There are currently 238 physiotherapists in NHS Tayside (headcount figure)

Ms. Glen was also informed by NHS Tayside that there are 547 people waiting for an appointment with a podiatrist ( chiropodist) in Dundee. (1,184 across the whole of Tayside.)

Ms. Glen is raising the matter again with the Health Secretary after tabling questions in Parliament on the provision of physiotherapy services in Tayside and corresponding with her on the matter.


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