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MSP raises physiotherapy services with Health Minister with 1,300 on Dundee waiting list and Scottish Government figures showing 14 vacancies for physiotherapists in Tayside

Marlyn Glen

Marlyn Glen

20 June 2009

Marlyn Glen is to raise again with Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon the need for better access to access to physiotherapy services in Tayside.

NHS Tayside have confirmed to Ms. Glen that over 1,300 people in Dundee are on waiting lists for physiotherapy treatment, and 3,410 across the whole of Tayside.

Latest Scottish Government figures for Tayside show that there are 14 vacancies for physiotherapists

Ms Glen said,

” There is clearly a need for greater Government involvement to ensure  a match between demand for physiotherapy in the NHS and the supply of physiotherapists.”

She continued,

” In the 18 weeks Referral to Treatment Standard (RTT), if a patient is referred by a consultant to a physiotherapist then this treatment is covered by the 18-week guarantee.

“However, if a patient is referred by a GP directly to a physiotherapist and not by a consultant-led service, then the patient is not covered by the 18 week guarantee.”

” In the period up to 2011, there is a projected increase of almost 7 per cent in demand for physiotherapy services.

” The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in Scotland say that an added annual investment of £2 million is required to meet that increase in demand.”

There are currently 238 physiotherapists in NHS Tayside (headcount figure)

Ms. Glen was also informed by NHS Tayside that there are 547 people waiting for an appointment with a podiatrist ( chiropodist) in Dundee. (1,184 across the whole of Tayside.)

Ms. Glen is raising the matter again with the Health Secretary after tabling questions in Parliament on the provision of physiotherapy services in Tayside and corresponding with her on the matter.


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Ninewells free car parking for Government Ministers : Minister’s reply means another question for the Minister

17 June 2009

Marlyn Glen has tabled a further Parliamentary question on the issue of free parking for Scottish Government Ministers at Ninewells Hospital on official visits.

This follows the answer to her question that she received from Finance Minister John Swinney that in the past two years Scottish Government Ministers have visited Ninewells four times using Ministerial cars.

NHS Tayside have already admitted that they make “special arrangements” for Government Ministers’ visits so that no parking charges are paid by them.

Ms. Glen said,

“The sound of silence that echoes from this reply simply invites a deeper enquiry of this issue.

” I am tabling a further question asking on how many occasions in the past two years Government Ministers have visited Ninewells on official business, what was the nature of the business, and for each occasion, whether or not a parking charge was incurred.

” Patients, visitors and staff should have the same free parking at Ninewells that Scottish Government Ministers privately enjoy on official visits.”

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New school exam : Dundee MSP urges Scottish Government for “sufficient finance and resources for city’s participation”

16 June 2009

Marlyn Glen is asking Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop to ensure that Dundee’s participation in the new science baccalaureate and the language baccalaureate exams for senior schools pupils next year ” will have the necessary finance and resources provided by the Scottish Government to ensure as large as possible participation by the city.”

Ms. Glen has received information from Dundee City Council that it has entered into a partnership with both Abertay University and Dundee College to provide pupils with the opportunity to study for the Baccalaureate from the start of the new year.

The council say that the final numbers will not be confirmed until the results of the current SQA diet of examinations, as this may have an impact on pupil choice and their entitlement to take part in the Baccalaureate.

At present the provisional numbers indicate that 20 pupils across the city will participate in the science baccalaureate and 2 pupils in the language baccalaureate.

The baccalaureates will be made up of two subjects at Advanced Higher level with another at Higher, plus an Interdisciplinary project at Advanced Higher level.

Ms Glen said that she was asking Ms. Hyslop for details of the provision of Advanced Highers in Dundee and in which subjects.

Ms. Glen said,

” Participation in the new baccalaureate exam depends upon these courses being provided in the city.

“This in turn will depend upon the number of staff available.

” It is the responsibility of the Minister and her Government to ensure that additional funding and resources are made available to ensure as large as possible participation by Dundee in the new exam awards.”

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Council urged to explore twin city teaching offer

15 June 2009

Marlyn Glen, the Dundee-based MSP, has urged Dundee City Council to explore a potential offer of two teachers from the Orleans area of France who would come and teach in Dundee as from September , fully funded through a new French Government programme.

The plea comes after Marie-Helena Taquet, of the International Relations Department of the Adademie d’Orleans-Tours, told Ms. Glen that the French Government had recently introduced the Jules Verne Programme.

This allows teachers in France to spend a year teaching in a school abroad, starting from September.

Madame Taquet has a teacher in primary school and a teacher in secondary school who would like to teach in the UK.

Ms. Glen has already written to Dundee City Council’s Education Department asking them to contact the French authorities about the Jules Verne programme and the potential offer.

Details of the new French teacher programme emerged when Ms. Glen contacted Orleans on the number on the number of school pupils there who are studying English as a foreign language, and how this compares with the number of school pupils in Dundee who study French as a foreign language.

Madam Taquet said that all school pupils in France have to learn two foreign languages. If they do not choose English as their first foreign language, they do as their second foreign language. Therefore, all students aged 16 or 17 learn English at school.

By contrast, answers to Parliamentary Questions by Ms. Glen show that the percentage of pupils in Dundee in the age group for presentation for Standard grade French in each of the past three years has been below 50 per cent.

The number of presentations for Higher French in Dundee in 2008 was 4 per cent – 63 pupils – the highest figures for the past three years.

Ms. Glen said,

“A stronger drive on learning foreign languages is essential in a globalised economy.

“In the competitive European business market, foreign language skills could mean the difference between clinching or losing a contract.

” It also means better communications with other people and understanding of their lives and culture.

” While American English dominates the globalised economy and information systems, not everybody speaks English.”

Ms. Glen has established through parliamentary questions that Scotland’s exports to France was estimated at £1.457 billion in 2007, equivalent to 7 per cent of Scotland’s total exports.

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