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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

MSP receives details of over £15 million in “efficiency savings” in NHS Tayside’s budget this year

15 May 2009

Marlyn Glen has been given details of the £15.1 million “efficiency savings” that the Scottish Government are instructing NHS Tayside to find this year.
The savings are being made to meet the demand of the SNP Government for a 2 per cent decrease in the board’s spending.
Ms. Glen had written to the health board , asking for information on this year’s efficiency savings targets, which have been set at £35 million in total in the three year period up to 2010/11
Ms. Glen commented ,
” Front-line services need to be safeguarded in bids to achieve efficiency savings.
” This call for efficiency savings come on top of the very poor increase in health service expenditure for this year allocated to NHS Tayside by the Scottish Government of only £3.7 million in real terms ( taking inflation into account ).
“This represents an increase of less than 1 per cent.
The targets for reductions in various categories in the “Delivery Unit” ( Hospital and Community health services ) include :
Staffing including vacancy control with a target of £3.6 million
Procurement £3.4 million
Strategic Improvement and Service Redesign £1.8 million
Staff travel £500,000
Subject to further review £1.4 million
Miscellaneous £800,000
At the health board headquarters the targets for reduction are :
Reduced rate of employer’s superannuation contributions £1.5 million
Staffing £600,000.


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