Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

MSP queries university research funding cut

2nd. April 2009

Marlyn Glen is writing to Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop asking why Dundee University’s Research Excellence Funding has been cut by £493,000 in allocations through a new system of funding introduced by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) for 2008-2009.

Ms. Glen said,

“Dundee University’s allocation for Research Excellence Funding is £19.219million, a reduction of £493,000 compared with the previous year , amounting to 2.5 per cent drop in funding.

” Overall, Dundee’s total funding from the SFC is £84.84million, a rise of 0.9 per cent, but below the overall Scottish rise of 2.9 per cent.

” A new system of funding has been introduced this year with new categories .

“Research is funded under the category of Research Excellence Grant which is distributed according to the results of a Research Assessment Exercise carried out across the Scottish University sector.

“This Exercise showed an increase in ‘research quality’, the value of which UCU calculate to worth £50 million.

“However, only £10 million extra is being made available.

” It is essential that universities such as Dundee with a world-class reputation receive the funding for the high -quality research that it produces.

” It and other Scottish universities should not be penalised for their excellence .”


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