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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

MSP queries Minister on the drop in the number of primary school teachers in Dundee

25 March 2009

Marlyn Glen has written to Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop on the drop in the number of primary school teachers in Dundee.

According to Scottish Government statistics, the number of primary teachers in Dundee fell by 17 last year.

The overall number of primary school teachers fell from 689 in 2007 to 672 in 2008.

Ms. Glen said,

“These were teachers who could have been employed to reduce class sizes in Primary 1-3 in Dundee to the maximum of 18 as promised by the Scottish Government by 2011, particularly when over 90 per cent of these pupils today are in classes in excess of 18.”

The overall pupil -teacher ratio in Dundee primary schools rose last year to 14.2 from the previous year figure of 14.1

Ms. Glen has written on several occasions to the Education Secretary saying that the Scottish Government “must provide Dundee City Council with more money to employ more primary teachers to reduce class sizes below 18 in the first three years of primary school.”


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