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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Dundee University post-graduate teacher training numbers set to be revised

14 April 2009

Marlyn Glen has expressed ” concern at the detrimental effect on education in Dundee” of the announcement by the Scottish Government that the number of postgraduate teacher training places is to be cut overall in Scotland by 18 per cent this autumn.

Ms. Glen said that the number of the number of courses and places at Dundee University for 2009-2010 was to have been :

B. Ed (Primary ) 108

Post graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) 175

Post graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) 20

Those training for teaching through undergraduate courses (B.Ed.) will be unaffected by the announcement.

The other figures may now be revised in light of the Scottish Government’s decision.

Ms. Glen said,

“We are now likely to see a reduction in the number of post-graduate places at Dundee this autumn, and some who had set their hopes on a career in teaching may find themselves very badly let down.

” This decision by the Scottish Government comes at a time when the pupil -teacher ratio in Dundee primary schools rose last year. ( from 14.1 to 14.2)

“The city’s schools need more, not fewer, teachers.”

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