Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Dundee Social Work “Overspend” of near £2 million is contrasted with £3.5 million lost to the city because of below average council allocation

6 April 2009

Marlyn Glen said today that the estimated £2 million “overspend” in Dundee City Council’s Social Work Department’s should be contrasted with the estimated £3.5 million loss of revenue for the council for the new financial year because of the “below the Scottish average allocation” that it received from the Scottish Government.

Ms. Glen said,

“The Council’s revenue grants will increase by £13million in this financial year which is an increase of 4.2 per cent.

“This is below the Scottish average of 5.3 per cent.

” If Dundee had received the average Scottish increase, the city would have received another £3.5 million on top of the £13 million added, and so the pressure on the Social Work budgets in this financial year could have been eased.

” The mature political stance voiced on the issue of social work spending is that all social work departments in councils across Scotland, not just Dundee, are confronted by rising demands for their services which traditionally have higher costs than other departments.

” COSLA has already recognised the effect of growing number of service users and of demographic changes upon the upward cost of social work provision.”

Ms. Glen says that she is raising the below average allocation for Dundee with the Scottish Government Finance Secretary John Swinney.


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