Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Dundee merits the same attention as Edinburgh, says MSP

19 January 2009
Marlyn Glen is asking Finance Secretary John Swinney, why the Scottish Government has made no promise of special help for Dundee in the current economic climate, but has said it would "consider carefully" the need for further help for Edinburgh.
Edinburgh has already been given a guarantee of a Capital City Supplement by the Scottish Government , beginning with an additional £3.5 million in next financial year’s budget to help it to fulfill its role as the capital city of Scotland.
Ms. Glen said,
"The present economic conditions are affecting all of Scotland’s cities and all of their communities.
"Dundee would certainly welcome and benefit from special consideration from the Scottish Government this year.
"The case for particular economic measures for the capital rests on the argument that what affects Edinburgh also affects its surrounding regional areas.
"Exactly the same case can be made for Dundee.
"The city is a regional centre for jobs and commerce, and thousands of livelihoods in Angus and North Fife depend up on Dundee’s fortunes.
"Mr. Swinney has to make the same kind of commitment to Dundee that he has already given to Edinburgh."


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