Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Dundee gender pay gap widens

09 January 2009
The gender pay gap in Dundee has widened slightly in the past year.
The gap is measured by the median hourly pay of full-time male and female employees.
Marlyn Glen has been given official figures from Scottish Cabinet Minister John Swinney which show a gap of 16.6 percent in 2008.
The median male gross hourly pay in the city stood at £12.12p while the female hourly pay was £10.14p
In the previous year, the gap had been 14.2 per cent, while in 2006 the gap was 17.4 per cent.
Ms. Glen said that she was “disappointed that progress has slipped back.”
She said,
” The gender pay gap in the UK can be explained by factors such as ‘gender segregation’ where some occupations traditionally taken up by women are low-paid.
“Other factors include the effect of women’s caring responsibilities on employment prospects, and the higher value often given to the output from men’s jobs than women’s.
“The former Equal Opportunities Commission has calculated that the gender gap could lose the average full-time working woman £210,000 after tax and insurance in the course of her working life.
“The need to close the gender gap remains an issue of pressing concern. “


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