Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

“Cut in real terms for the second year” in NHS Tayside’s capital allocation


24 February 2009

Marlyn Glen said today that capital spending allocation in the health service in Dundee and Tayside was being cut in real terms for the second year running by the Scottish Government compared with 2007-08.

In a reply to a Parliamentary question tabled by Ms. Glen, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon provided details of the formula capital allocation for NHS Tayside at 2009-10 prices and adjusted for inflation.

These were:

2007-08  £25.516 million

2008-09  £25.008 million

2009-10  £25,030 million

Ms. Glen said,

“The SNP Government has failed to sustain the large increases in capital allocation made by the previous Labour-led administration to NHS Tayside.

“On the face of it, the figures show a small increase for the next financial year, 2009-10.

“However, when inflation is taken into account, both this year’s spending and next year’s spending are each almost £500,000 less than two years ago.


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