Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Call for jobs boost for city

17 April 2009

Marlyn Glen is calling on the Scottish Government to spell out what measures it will take to boost the public sector and the construction industry in the city.

And in a series of questions tabled in the Scottish Parliament , Ms. Glen raises again the issue of civil service jobs for the city.

Ms. Glen said,

“This is an issue that just doesn’t go away for people in Dundee.

“Whether it’s on the grounds of fairness or whether it’s the strong belief that the Scottish Government should be dispersing its jobs to where they’re needed most, Dundee has always had a strong case.

“Relocation to Dundee could encourage others to follow suit.”

Ms. Glen supported plans announced by Dundee City Council in January to fast track the £20 million plan for four new schools to boost the construction industry in the city.

She said,

“In recent years, Dundee City Council has aided the construction industry with over £130 million being spent on building new schools.

“The industry lost some 20,000 jobs in Scotland last year alone.

” Let’s see if the Scottish Government intends to match the drive shown by the council to help construction in the current economic situation.”


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