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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Allocations to NHS Tayside “failing to keep pace with previous years,” says MSP

10 March 2009

Marlyn Glen today released a reply from Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon showing that the initial revenue allocation from the Scottish Government to NHS Tayside fell last year in real terms and will increase by less than one per cent in the next financial year.
Ms. Glen said that the figures described “an unsatisfactory level of investment that will create marked difficulties for the health service in Tayside in the new financial year.”
She added, ” The increase in the SNP’s allocations to the health service in Tayside are failing to keep up with the increase in allocations made by the previous Labour-Lib Dem Scottish Executive.
Ms. Glen said that the figures show that in the three last years of the Labour-Lib Dem Scottish Executive the allocation to NHS Tayside increased by £24 million, £21 million, and £17 million respectively.
She said that in the two years of the SNP Government, the allocation to NHS Tayside fell in this financial year by £600,000.
“Next year it will rise by £3.7 million, the equivalent of 0.6 per cent., ” she said.
“All of these figures take inflation into account.
Audit Scotland, who monitor public expenditure, has already said that health boards face ” considerable challenges ahead”.


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