Marlyn Glen MSP


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

£864,000 awarded for NHS dental bursaries in Dundee

23 January 2009

Marlyn Glen has welcomed the award of £864,000 in the current academic year as bursaries for dental students at Dundee University who have given a commitment to work on NHS dentistry on graduation.

Ms. Glen said that, in all, over £2.6 million has been spent on such bursaries at Dundee since the scheme was introduced in by the labour-led Scottish Executive in 2006, and that 212 Dundee dental students currently hold them.

Ms. Glen said,

“The bursary scheme has given NHS dentistry a greater appeal for dental students.

” In return for the bursary, each graduate on qualifying will work within NHS dentistry for a set period of years, depending on the amount of the bursary awarded.

” The scheme has been a sound investment in NHS dentistry and in the promotion of oral health.



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